Are you ready for a change to a healthier you?  Then welcome - I'll be your guide to a new, healthier you and equip you to make lasting healthy changes. 
Health information is confusing  and there are so many choices when it comes to diets, exercises and health advice. One thing is for certain, being healthy is a lifestyle that you can live with forever - without pills, diets or crazy fitness endeavors.

Consider contacting me if you...
  • Are frustrated with your weight, fitness or health. 
  • Need someone to guide you who has time to listen to your needs and goals.
  • Expect to meet with an educated and experienced expert, not a self-proclaimed expert.
  • Need practical daily advice that's doable.
  • Are ready to get more energy and feel better.
  • Ready to make a committment to your health with time and energy.
  • Are looking for motivation, for you or your group.
  • Are tired of trying the same thing over and over and getting the same results over and over.
  • Want to make a positive impact in your workplace or on your group.

If you're ready for change, contact me below. 
  • Master's degree in exercise physiology
  • Certified personal trainer (ACE)
  • Health fitness specialist (ACSM)
  • Health coach (ACE)
  • Wellness coach (CWC)
  • Tobacco treatment specialist (TTS)
  • Worksite wellness program manager (CWWPM)
  • Corporate wellness specialist 
  • Diabetes prevention program lifestyle coach