I have been working out with Alice for several months. She keeps me motivated with exercising and eating healthy. Her knowledge of all things fitness is incredible. She has designed fitness and eating programs for me to follow and always checks in with me to encourage and keep me motivated on my journey to a healthier lifestyle. I am also type 1 diabetic and her medical knowledge is impressive as well. She knows how to help me and does it incredibly well through tips, suggestions, and ideas. My overall fitness and health has improved and it's all due to Alice's expertise. If you are finding it hard to stay motivated and would like an individualized workout routine, I would absolutely recommend Alice and 2BFit!!
Mellisa H.

I've been training with Alice for over a year and she has given me confidence and muscles I never knew I had! Alice has a great gym in the basement of her home, clean and lots of equipment. I would highly recommend her if you're looking for special one-on-one attention to your body, whether you're looking to train for a race or just to get in better shape. She's helped me get my body back after having 2 children in 17 months. Check her out!
Emily N.
Since I've been following the plan developed for me by Alice, I've had more motivation, willpower, and more energy, and can see & feel positive results from my efforts. Alice is patient; but not enabling; challenging; but not unkind & her consistent support and encouragement have made my success real. I am excited about the progress I've seen and will see. I wholeheartedly endorse Alice's talent to tailor the program to fit the user. 
Brenda C.
I have been working with Alice for about 9 months now, and because of her I have lost more than 26 pounds so far and down several pants sizes. I'm 67 years old and thanks to her I feel 20 years younger. Her advice on nutrition and diet have helped me to lose weight and feel better, and the cardio regimen she recommended has helped my endurance greatly. All the while she has been unfailingly cheerful and energetic and she is a pleasure to work with.
Vern R.
Alice is simply the best. I'm a busy young professional, so she came up with a quick 30-minute, weight-intensive workout I can fit in during my lunch break. I can feel the burn-- and best of all, the inches are coming off! Her workouts are never boring, and she is also great on motivation, follow-up and feedback-- impressive, since she lives more than 1,000 miles away. Bottom line: totally life-changing.
Jillian M.
I never thought I would say this, but I now consider exercise as fun. Yikes I said it - it's fun! The change is all thanks to Alice. Her workouts are so creative and varied. She is not easy - she won't let you get away without doing the workout. But she is friendly and has so much enthusiasm, knowledge and confidence. You feel a real sense of accomplishment when you complete the session. I have had an injury and she tailors the workout to help heal the injury and still provide the cardio and strength training I need. Awesome.
Becky O.
I am 63 years old and Alice has done a wonderful job of designing a program for my age and ability. She concentrated on improving my balance as well as my strength. I know that over the last year, I have become much stronger as well as my indurance has improved greatly. I have so much more energy. I have had several people comment on how much better I look. She is great!
Cindy P.
I started training with Alice about 8 months ago and her workouts are challenging, interesting, tailored to my needs and definitely make a difference in my fitness level. Alice is knowledgeable and enthusiatic and is always willing to adjust based on my schedule and needs. I love/hate that she doesn't go easy on me even when I've been slacking off and she motivates me to get back at it! I had a back injury and was working through that when I started training with Alice and she has the training and educational background to make sure that I am exercising safely and appropriately. I have tried activities and exercises that I would not have ever done on my own. I love having Alice in my corner!
Kim S. 
I've been training with Alice for a year and a half. The results are terrific -- weight loss and, even more important, vastly improved fitness. I started with no athletic or fitness background and can run a 10K and complete an hour long strength or cross-training workout with no problem. All thanks to Alice. She is knowledgeable, personable and flexible. Her ability to tailor to individual needs and schedules has been the key to my commitment and success.
Lynne B.
I have had the opportunity to train with Alice for several months now. Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious. More importantly, though, Alice's workouts are creative and challenging. We are often trying new things and modifying/adjusting to do what works for me. I love working with Alice, & the increased fitness and energy are obvious to myself and those around me!
Dory D.
Alice developed a cross training program for my wife and I to use as we prepare for an upcoming half marathon. Even though we live across the country, she gave us all the information we needed to do the routines. She even tailored the exercises to the fitness equipment we already owned so we wouldn't have to buy more. We have both gotten stronger, thinner, avoided injury, and seen our running times drop while using Alice's program.
Paul J.
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